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Genie GS-2632/2046/3246 Scissor Lifts

Lift Heavy Loads with Ease and Efficiency

Its narrow width allows access in hard-to-reach spots. Fits through a standard doorway.

* 90 degree steering provides zero turning radius and excellent maneuverability.
* Single door access 32 in (81.3 cm)
* On-board troubleshooting diagnostics notify the operators of fault conditions.
* Variable speed motor extends battery and motor life by using only the energy needed to do the required work.
* Weather resistant, impact resistant, molded Joystick Controller box operates from the platform or the ground.
* The solid steel deck platform has a slip-resistant surface.
* Heavy duty square steel guardrails fold down quickly without tools for single door access. Low noise level allows operation in quiet work environments.
* Swing-out battery box and power module allow easy access to componentry.
* Lubrication-free, service-free pivot points.

Standard Features

* GS-2632 has 32 ft (9.92 m) working height and a 500 lb (227 kg) lift capacity
* GS-2046 has 26 ft (8.10 m) working height and a 1,200 lb (544 kg) lift capacity
* GS-2646 has 32 ft (9.92 m) working height and a 1,000 lb (454 kg) lift capacity
* GS-3246 has 38ft (11.75m) working height and a 700 lb (318 kg) lift capacity
* 39 in (1 m) roll-out platform extension
* Compact 32 in (81.3 cm) width
* Proportional controls for lift and drive functions
* Automatic 25 amp battery charger
* Manual platform lowering valve
* Emergency stop switches at both platform and ground controls
* Drive speed interlock limits speed while elevated
* Multiple disc brakes provide smooth deceleration
* Manual brake release
* Pothole guards
* Non-marking tires
* AC wiring to platform
* Tilt sensor with an audible alarm
* Beeper horn
* Hour meter

Options and Accessories

* Motion alarm
* Power inverter
* Platform swing gate
* Air line to platform
* Dual flashing beacons
* Automotive horn
* Maintenance-free batteries
* EE rating

Standards Compliance

* ANSI/SIA A92.6
* CSA CAN3-B354.2-M82
* CE compliance option
* AS 1418.10

2632 Product Specifications

2046 and 3246 Product Specifications